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Control Spend

Green. Yellow. Red.

It’s that easy.

The usage meter uses simple traffic light colours to keep you in-the-know and in control of your service.

You can see how much you’ve used and how much you’ve got left to use.

You can even see the breakdown – what were those calls? Who were they to? You can browse through a list, and you can search for that one call.

We’ve made it as simple as: Green is good, yellow is an alert, and red… well you know what red means.


Optus Network.

So Much Freedom.

One of the things we love about using Optus is that they give our customers the same coverage and the same priority as they do their own.

So you can relax, we probably have you covered.


All Your Services.

At A Glance.

Mobile services can be incredibly complex, with so many questions. Which service had excess? Which service was near excess? Whose number is that? Where’s the service I ordered yesterday? What one is my work phone?

The dashboard uses a simple icon system to let you know at-a-glance what’s going on with each of your services. The dashboard also lets you name your services.

The most important thing the dashboard does is give you back your time.

Real Data

Data Billed per KB.

Less Is More.

Some companies are happy to round you up to the nearest MB.

Here’s what it means for you (especially if you’re using a smartphone). Got your smartphone checking for new emails? If you do, then every time your phone checks, some companies may be charging you 1,000 times more than you should have been. All this means is that they’re making sure you “use up” your data faster.

We bill per KB, which means you get to use each and every KB.
Sometimes less is more.



Not Aggravation.

With our support team, you can log a ticket from anywhere at anytime you like. You no longer have to wait for the call centre to open or have to be on hold. In fact, we’ll even try and suggest a solution before you click submit.

Otherwise, we’ll work on your ticket without you having to repeat yourself to multiple reps. You can even see how we’re working on the fix. If we require further info, you can get back to us in your own time.

We work to your schedule, not the other way around.


You’re Unique.

Your service should be too.

When you can’t answer a call, do you prefer to have someone leave a
message or send an SMS? Are you travelling and taking your phone with you? Have you changed your phone and need a new SIM?

You can tailor your service to suit you. This means with just a click you can:
- choose if you want Voicemail or not
- change your plan
- turn on International Roaming if you’re heading overseas
- order a new SIM to suit your phone
- even name your service. Instead of having 04… you can label it whatever you like e.g. Kid’s phone