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DECEMBER 6, 2012

Live Connected goes beyond BYO with new phone plans
The company seems to be sticking to premium models, too, offering the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and Nokia Lumia 920, with the Galaxy Note 2 launching soon. Read more

FEBRUARY 10, 2012

Best overall low-cost plan
If you’re trying to keep your phone connected frugally, this plan is unbelievable value. Read more

FEBRUARY 04, 2012

Small telco stands out in competitive market
With cheap plans and good customer service, the company has won the respect of customers and gained a solid footing in the market. Read more

JANUARY 17, 2012

Telcos slash prices
With a new player in town, competition in the telecommunications market has never been fiercer, as companies slash prices to get your business. Read more

OCTOBER 19, 2011
Provider differentiating with greater service through online technology
Live connected promises clearer pricing and plan information, tools to monitor and control usage, and greater customer care. Listen to podcast